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watrix device
Long life battery operation —
Not dependent on external power; lasts for four years
SIM connectivity —
the system works securely without WIFI, preventing hacking
Embedded pressure sensor —
allows us to detect any leak and issues alerts if there are pressure problems
Pressure thresholds —
sends alerts if the pressure is too high
AI dynamic thresholds —
the system constantly monitors your water usage and sets new thresholds, so you won’t get any false alerts
Handy App —
gives you complete control on your mobile phone
Anti-freeze mode —
sends an alert so you can open the faucet and prevent pipes from bursting
Away mode —
provides peace of mind while you’re on a trip; automatically adjusts to the expected water consumption and issues alerts accordingly
Alerts —
keep updated via SMS, push notifications or phone calls
Internal E valve —
enables the system to shut off the water when needed
Pipe sizes —
1/2'',3/4'', 1'', 1 1/4'', 2"
Sensor technical specifications
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