Our Technology

Watrix combines the latest technologies

to provide the most advanced product in its class worldwide.


Accurate Monitoring

Watrix uses ultrasound technology to monitor and detect water leaks with maximum accuracy, eliminating the need for moving parts.
Moving parts are prone to high wear due to abrasion, limescale buildup, and other factors that affect accuracy, monitoring capability, and longevity. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to maintain maximum accuracy for years at the highest level.

How It Works

A transmitter installed at the end of the sensor transmits ultrasonic signals through water. To the other end, there is a receiver that receives these signals.
The slightest change of signal speed accurately indicates minimal changes in flow rate.
This technology allows Watrix to detect small leaks and hidden drips under floors or within walls within a few hours.
0101000101101010 101101010

Without our technology,
leaks remain undetected until the damage has become visible on walls, ceilings, or floors in the form of moisture or stains.

AI Enables Exceptional Accuracy

Water use patterns on properties are limited by several relatively constant factors including pipe diameter and water pressure.

Water consumers such as faucets, showers, ice machines, water bars, etc. also do not change.

Using AI algorithms, the system learns the usage patterns and consumption mechanisms of the piping it monitors at any given site. The insights derived from monitoring data make it possible to identify unusual water events and suspected leakages quickly and accurately.

Statistical models are used by the system to send an alert about an unusual event with great certainty – and within minutes.
The ongoing learning process results in two important benefits:

Reduction of false alarms to less than 1%
Quick response to abnormal events before leak damage can occur

What is IoT
and why do we use it?

Watrix was developed to provide protection against water leaks anywhere, under any conditions.

That’s why we use a dedicated IoT SIM,
which enables the monitoring of various systems.

Using independent communication which transmits data directly to our server allows Watrix’s leak detection systems to be installed almost anywhere, regardless of available Wi-Fi coverage, without the need for repeaters or a power point in the installation area.

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