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Our business is based on three key principles: simplicity, reliability, and affordability.

Here are five more great reasons why you should work with us:

Water leaks are a huge problem – be a part of the solution

One third of all properties will suffer from a water leak. If you work with properties and you want to help them save a lot of money and frustration, join us!
Simple & easy

Watrix’s products are easy to install and use, suiting all types of pipe sizes and materials. You can deliver and install it anywhere with confidence.
Unique & proven product gives you the competitive edge

in today’s global markets, companies are looking for the right combination of price, quality, and reliability. Watrix is the ultimate solution that gives you the competitive edge.
Worldwide distribution

We are a fast-growing start-up with distributors in Israel, USA, and Singapore. Join now and be part of our success.
Your clients will thank you
We do our best to ensure our customers always receive the best products and service. Ultimately, who wants to suffer the consequences of unidentified leaks? Watrix makes leak prevention simple, reliable, and affordable — and gives your customers peace of mind.

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