Reliable leak detection that simply works.

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Water leaks are inevitable.
Are you prepared?

Water leaks affect 35% of households every year, causing extensive damage to property.

Dealing with leak damage can be challenging, even if you’re fully insured. Repairs can be costly, take time, and cause major inconvenience.
Not to mention rising water bills in the event of undetected leaks or flooding.

Stop leaks as soon as they start!

Got 20 minutes?

That’s all it takes to install Watrix, our autonomous leak detection system, outside your property.

Simple to install and easy to use, Watrix sends alerts and quickly shuts down the water in the event of leakage or flooding. No false alarms. No interrupted showers. Just headache-free operation.

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Who says you can’t buy
peace of mind?

Monitors water consumption
Smart AI system differentiates between regular and abnormal consumption
Fast installation
20 minutes to install on main water line outside the property
Fully autonomous
Battery powered system runs reliably for up to 5 years – no reliance on WIFI or power
Reduce leak duration
SMS, phone or Aalerts to mobile app (ignore or close) and automatic shutoff of main water supply Only system with minimum flow detection rate of 20cc per minute
Exceptional accuracy
Daily system control is made easy; replacement batteries are provided free of charge
Easy to control
Smart system runs daily checks to ensure long-lasting, maintenance-free performance
Reliable operation
Smart AI system differentiates between regular and abnormal consumption

Property Management

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Watrix can be installed in apartment complexes and commercial buildings as a standalone or connecting to existing BMS systems, enabling fast and accurate leak detection around the clock

Private Households

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Watrix protects your home from unexpected floods or undetected leaks whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation
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About Us

Trusted by Israel’s leading insurance companies, Watrix has installed thousands of leak detection systems throughout the country.
Watrix is represented by top US water damage restoration companies such as 911 restoration.
With years of experience and a strong track record, Watrix provides property owners with ongoing peace of mind.

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